Elite Criterium

JLT Elite Criterium

Race information, start lists and results will be published here.


Date 10th June 2017
Start time 20:30
Duration 40 minutes + 3 laps
Category E/1/2/3

Prize fund will be £1000 split as follows:
Race result: 1st £200, 2nd £150, 3rd £125, 4th £100, 5th £75, 6th £50
Sprint result: 1st £50, 2nd £30, 3rd £20

Podium prizes will also be allocated as follows:
The winner will receive Cosmic Carbon Xalith Mavic wheels
2nd place will receive Ksyrium Elite Mavic wheels
3rd place will receive Askium Mavic wheels


The race was won by Lucy Shaw from Drops with Neah Evans (Storey Racing) placing 2nd and Elizabeth-Jane Harris (Storey Racing) 3rd.

Provisional results click here

Please note this start list is provisional and may be subject to change

No First Name Last Name Club / Team Name
1 Barbara Guarischi CANYON//SRAM Racing
2 Emily Kay Team WNT
3 Keira McVitty Team WNT
4 Gabriella Shaw Team WNT
5 Neah Evans Storey Racing
6 Laura Cameron Storey Racing
7 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing
8 Monica Dew Storey Racing
9 Jennifer George Storey Racing
10 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Storey Racing
11 Chanel Mason Storey Racing
12 Mercy Webb Storey Racing
13 Elizabeth Banks Storey Racing
14 Charlotte Broughton Team Ford Ecoboost
15 Bethany Hayward Team Ford Ecoboost
16 Adele Martin Team Ford Ecoboost
17 Charmaine Porter Team Ford Ecoboost
18 Hilde Oudman WV Breda
19 Femke Van Kessel WV Breda
21 Virginia Cancellieri IRD CARRERA SQUADRA CORSE
22 Rose Osborne Drops
23 Lucy Shaw Drops
24 Abigail Van Twisk Drops
25 Annasley Park Drops
26 Lydia Brookes Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
27 Tracy Corbett Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
28 Sophie Curle Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
29 Susan Freeburn Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
30 Louise Heywood-Mahe Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
31 Louise Moriarty Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
32 Nicole Oh Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT
33 Hannah Graveney LIV AWOL
34 Connie Hayes LIV AWOL
35 Savannah Hewson LIV AWOL
36 Isabella Torrie LIV AWOL
37 Rosie Wallace LIV AWOL
38 Hannah Bayes LIV AWOL
39 Julie Elder Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
40 Crystal Lane-Wright Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
41 Emma Lewis Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
42 Joscelin Lowden Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
43 Isla Rush Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
44 Sian Botteley Cycle Team OnForm
45 Lucy Harper Cycle Team OnForm
46 Clover Murray Cycle Team OnForm
47 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm
48 Jessica Woodworth Cycle Team OnForm
49 Aoife Doherty The 5th Floor Cycle Club
50 Sophie Edmondson The 5th Floor Cycle Club
51 Elisabeth Anderson CC London
52 Elizabeth Hughes CC London
53 Vivienne Tomlin CC London
54 Charlotte Cole-Hossain VC Londres
55 Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres
56 Christine Robson VC Londres
57 Gabriella Nordin SunSport Velo
58 Isabel Darvill Team Vision Innovative Leisure
59 Madeleine Gammons Team Vision Innovative Leisure
60 Chloe Weller Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
61 Izzy Wild Beeston Cycling Club
62 Alexandra Sheehan Bianchi Dama UK
63 Joanna Smith BowlPhish Racing
64 Niki Kovacs Brixton Cycles Club
65 Sophie Holmes Team Terminator
66 Nicola Soden Velo Schils - Interbike RT
67 Bethany Taylor Vertex-Biemme RT
68 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers
69 Charlene Du Preez VC de Londeren
70 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK
71 Tamala McGee London Phoenix CC